Georgia Tech's IFC is composed of 32 Fraternities having a total of 2,059 men, 23% of the undergrad men on campus. The all Fraternity GPA is 3.05 and 23.4% of Tech is Greek compared to the 9% national average.

The Interfraternity Council (IFC) at Georgia Tech leads and directs the 32 member fraternities on campus. Each of the thirty-two chapters represented are members of the North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC), an national governing body. The Interfraternity Council promotes the interests of fraternities in general, and insures cooperation among the different fraternities on campus.

The purpose of this organization shall be to develop and maintain fraternity life and interfraternity relationships, and in doing so to:

  • Further excellence in scholarship
  • Act in conjunction with member fraternities and University to boast and uphold high social and moral standards
  • Provide programs and services to member fraternities
  • Act as a liaison between member fraternities and other student organizations, the student body, the faculty, and the administration of Georgia Tech Encourage the growth of a positive relationship between the community and member fraternities
  • Implement policies and rules that will further the mission of Greek Life at Georgia Tech.

Georgia Tech's Interfraternity Council is comprised of an Executive Board and 10 separate committees. The Executive Board consists of eight Georgia Tech fraternity men, all dedicated to furthering the Fraternity system and serving the campus Greek community.

The IFC is the governing board of 32 fraternities at Georgia Tech. We are an organization founded and funded by our members, wholly member owned and member operated. The IFC participates in public relations activities involving advertising, education, donation, lobbying and publishing, but our main focus is collaboration between our fraternities and other campus organizations and setting a high standard for all fraternities. We also provide our members other services, such as producing conferences, networking, charitable events, and offering educational presentations and materials.

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Interfraternity Council is to develop ideal members of society who lead with integrity, encourage outstanding academic performance, support the development of our member chapters, promote the traditions and growth of the Greek community, and set a standard of excellence for all students at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

The Interfraternity Council most certainly welcomes all contributions that would better the Georgia Tech Greek Community, and there are many ways that interested individuals can get involved. Interested Greek Men who seek to give back to their Greek Community and serve on the IFC will find that there are severals opportunities to do so. Involvement can range depending on one's committment and experience.

Committee Members:
IFC has many committee member positions, each with a specific endeavour (for instance, social committee members would assist in the chapter party planning process). These positions are an entry-level way to get exposed to how IFC opperates, and would report to their respective committee chairs who would serve as their mentor.
Committee Chairs:
The IFC Executive Board relies on the several Committee Chairs to oversee their respective tasks and contribute to the workings of IFC. These men focus on their overall tasks, and report directly to the Executive Board, participating in most major meetings. This is an opportunity to have a direct impact on the direction of IFC.
Executive Board Positions:
There are eight Executive positions on IFC, each of which represents a critical part of the body's operations. They convene at least once a week, and are responsible for reporting back to the IFC Presidents, and keeping the organization on track to serve the community.
Feel free to contact us. We appreciate your interest!

Joining a Fraternity, most often referred to as "Rushing" is a rather simple process that happens twice-a-year. During this time in the Fall and Spring, interested men have the opportunity to visit and interact with the many different chapters on campus, allowing them to find their own fit at Georgia Tech. We invite you to read through our rush section here, as well as the frequently asked questions section, to learn more. If you have any further questions, you can also direct them to the rush committee.

As a student at Georgia Tech there are a plethora of opportunities that one can get involved in that can enrich your college experience. As you are looking for your niche at Tech, we encourage you to explore the IFC fraternity system. Fraternity men are some of the most well rounded individuals on campus- they are student leaders, athletes, and scholars. There is a place for every man within Tech's Greek System. There are 32 Fraternity Chapters, each unique, and we highly recommend that you take the time to explore them all. Fraternity Rush is a free, non-binding and extremely memorable experience. It gives you the opportunity to meet many new people, including fellow rushees and fraternity men, while enjoying social events and awesome food. We are honored that you are considering the IFC Fraternity system and hope that you will make the most of your time here. Please enjoy all of the resources available to you here, we look forward to meeting you at IFC rush!

Rush is usually 4 days and takes place each night from 7pm-11pm at each Chapter, and where there will be free food and activities all throughout the week. The best way to go about Rush is to sample as many fraternities as possible on the first night or two. Once you have developed a good sense of what you are looking for and what chapters you fit in best with, narrow down your selection to a shorter list of fraternities. From there, take the time to meet as many of the Brothers of those chapters as possible, as this is the only way the Fraternity as a whole will get to know you.
If the chapter chooses you as someone they would like to have as a part of their organization, they will offer you an official "bid" to join. In the case that this happens, it is up to you to determine whether or not you wish to accept this bid. You can receive bids from any number of houses, in which case you will have to decide which chapter you would most like to join. While you will also have the option of not accepting a bid anywhere, it is highly recommended that you join a chapter should the opportunity present itself.

Being a Fraternity man at Georgia Tech is a great way to make the most of your college experience by meeting friends, growing as a person, and having a great time all the while. Greek men and women are by far the most influential group of people on Georgia Tech's Campus, producing each of the past 6 student body Presidents among numerous other leaders on campus. Having older Fraternity Brothers already connected into the groups and organizations on campus that you are interested in will help to make it much easier to get involved on campus. Similarly, having Fraternity Brothers who are older than you and share your major will provide you with an excellent resource when looking for pointers on homework or advice on professors and classes. Benefits of Fraternity life extend far beyond college, as well -- joining a Fraternity will instantly connect you with a massive alumni network nationwide that can assist you in finding a co-op, internship, or even your first job. Regardless of what your interests are, there is a fraternity at Georgia Tech that will fit you and benefit you as you journey through college and beyond.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please feel free to contact our IFC President, Andrew Jacon, as well as our Georgia Tech Greek Affairs Director, Jamison Keller, by clicking the "Contact Us" button!