Exec Officers


Jack Corelli

Phone: 215-906-3544

Email: president@ifc.greek.gatech.edu

Executive VP

Sam Medinger

Phone: 678-488-3029

Email: executivevp@ifc.greek.gatech.edu

Administrative VP

Nick Ahern

Phone: 404-877-2111

Email: adminvp@ifc.greek.gatech.edu

Programming VP

Recruitment VP

Finance VP

Kyle Green

Phone: 678-525-7999

Email: financevp@ifc.greek.gatech.edu

Communications VP

Erik Van Winkle

Phone: 404-754-8648

Email: communicationsvp@ifc.greek.gatech.edu

Rush Chairman

Chase Anderton

Phone: 678-315-1281

Email: rush@ifc.greek.gatech.edu

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please feel free to contact our IFC President, Jack Corelli, as well as our Georgia Tech Greek Affairs Director, Jamison Keller, by clicking the "Contact Us" button!